I have no logical reasons to go to MBA but I just love exciting and challenging environment. I have confidence not to regret, but I still need to set my goal to grow quickly and deeply.

Therefore, if I try to explain my reasons for MBA, I would say

  • Growth for maturity in new and tough environment where people have diverse view
  • Career development and continue to think about what is important to me
  • English development from survival level to global leader
  • Have lifelong friends who can be foolish together

To achieve my desire, I should be conscious about points of below.

In short term(3months)

  • Learning US business environment and using English naturally as first language
  • Put value in each internship position
  • Have open mind to absorb like an baby and positive attitude to contribute to discussion
  • Getting practical service skill(tennis)

In middle term(1 year)

  • Getting paid-internship position in US without merit of skills as Japanese
  • Forgetting Japanese language to acquire English thinking process
  • Getting high academic score(above 3.2GPA)
  • Radically improving service skill(tennis)

In long term(2 year)

  • Launching Rady Asian Community to enhance cohesion with Asian classmate
  • Getting high academic score(above 3.3GPA)
  • Holistically changing my style(tennis)
  • Achieving above goals with fun

That’s all now.