After meeting TFT head of San Diego chapter, I decided to try to introduce TFT, non-profit project to solve both obesity and hunger at the same time, into UCSD Food Court. TFT started from Japan and is currently spreading out to over 10 countries. In USA, about 10 universities have already started the project but all of them are choosing just one cafe or restaurant as supporter.

We will experience three phases.Introduce process to persuade stake holders, growing process to enhancing recognition of the projects to local residence/students, and expansion process to give impact on other regions to follow up UCSD Case Study.

I spend these 10 days to figure out key person who has a strong affect for decision, finding Executive Directer of UCSD Food Service Department. Guessing he may be decision maker, I met his assistant first, explaining my plan so that the assistant seems to be strong supporter. At the same time, I approached current UCSD students who have interested in volunteer activity since support from current students, particularly undergrad students, is necessary to grow TFT up on campus. I talked with pre-president and current president of Rotaract Club, an active volunteer club in UCSD, and they will decide whether they stay with me or not soon. Then we can persuade the key person of UCSD together.

I am excited because TFT is socially meaningful project and UCSD may be the first case in the world in which Rotary Club collaborate with TFT, as well as involving whole restaurant or cafe on campus!