I come back to Coronado to cerebrate July 4th, a birthday of the nation, with Bob and Mary. One of the best places to have fun in the day, Coronado is full of people from outside the area.

In the morning, we enjoyed 118 parades. But unfortunately highlight is not parade in itself but poo on the road and how to avoid them through parade. I am also surprised to see anyone can join the parade if one pay entry fee.

In the afternoon, we have fun, listening concert on lawn park but I actually take a nap, using jazz as music for sleep. After that, I joined Rotary volunteer activity to take off the national flags but thanks to over 10 members of Coronado Rotaract Club, college generation Rotarian, I have nothing to do other than enjoy chatting.

In evening, we take a family time. Bob/Mary, their sons and ground sons, and I enjoyed dinner on Bob’s boat, seeing fireworks and praying for America. Mary called me “cookie monster”, since I eat all cookies in the house, but she may realize later I am even hot dog/beer monster.

It is a long day but exciting day, realizing I come to America!