I finally passed driving test and got driving license in CA. My advice to whom taking driving test in San Diego is never go to Hill Crest, rather go Clairemont.

There are two DMV in San Diego, Hill Crest and Clairemont. I chose Hill Crest because it is easier to get reservation than in Clairemont. But this judgment was incorrect. Actually, I have failed in driving test even twice at Hill Crest. DMV evaluation depends on the driving performance evaluation score sheet.DMV score-sheet

The reason of my failure is “unnecessary” too cautious. This is a kind of culture gap since what is necessary for me is unnecessary for the instructors. As far as I know, there are only two instructors(one man and one woman) in Hill Crest, and both of them seem to be a little bit too strict. Plus, test course in Hill Crest is narrow, full of stop sign, and old so that we can hardly recognize even center white line.

After failing twice, I decided to change dmv because I have to restart from paper test once I failed three times and want to avoid restart. Clairemont driving test course has full of information in the Internet and I practiced the course, following testing car, several times in advance.

Today, I went the DMV at 2:20 with appointment 3:00 since I realize process of DMV is so slow. But when my turn came at 2:40, the staff said to come after 2:45, so I had to wait the line again. My next turn came at 3:15 and then I lined for long way of testing car. At 4:30, 90 minutes after my appointment time, I started my test. I doubt I failed because the instructor did not tell me “Park and Pull back” when he should direct according to information in the Internet. So I feel relieved with full of sweat when he finally asked me to do so in the end of the course.

Anyways, I finished long day and celebrating by small rice with pork.