This is America, a world of negotiation!
After talked 40 minutes via phone with AT&T staff, I succeeded in getting huge discount for my CATV and Internet. Monthly payment downed from $126 to $80.

  • CATV: from $88/m to $52/m(start today end 12 months later)
  • Internet: from $38 to $28/m(start today end 12 months later), plus free grade up to high speed one
  • $30 spot discount for this month

You can see good summary about how to negotiate with cable companies here.

In my case, it works like this.

First challenge is to make phone call to “Retension Department” staff in AT&T. Unbelievably, AT&T has no E-mail/Direct Message service and I guess this is because AT&T intentionally try to avoid getting bunch of claims. Plus, they don’t disclose information about Retension Department, so everyone have to call customer service first. This is terrible. After waiting tens of minutes and called several times, wasting toll fee, I finally connected customer service staff. Since they have no power to offer promotion or discount to customers, it is waste of time to talking them.

After getting retention department staff, it goes very smooth. I just told him that “My roommate and I are thinking to leave your service if you have no special promotion to us because monthly costs seem to be too expensive compared with other service providers.” Then, he offered good promotion and I talked him for a while to get better offer.

Here in US, staying as silent customers means gradually increasing service fee. I will call them again one year later, when this special promotion finish.