I met Dr. Mary Walshok, Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Programs and Dean of Extension at UCSD to get her support for Table for Two Project.

Since she is so energetic and positive, I really enjoyed talking with her, finding several shared value between us; she is Rotarian, I am currently
intern for CONNECT, which she founded in 1985, and we have a couple of common friends in San Diego.

Every her suggestion is incredibly helpful; 1)she tell me TFT has quite similar concept with Tom’s shoes, which send one pair of new shoes to children if someone buy one shoes.2)she help me find decision maker to launch up TFT for whole campus.3)she recommends to ask individual cafe/restaurant since it allow us to launch more quickly.

We still have long way to go to launch TFT on campus, but I have no doubt that TFT fits UCSD value of global justice and her network/suggestion help us lots!