Finally we started orientation for international students.In the morning, we had Ice Breaker Activity, filling blank by writing classmates’ name to make “bingo”. After taking campus tour and lunch with classmates, we talked with career advisers about job-related matters.

Our Class may have about 50 students, over 50% of them are from outside USA, including Argentina, Bulgaria, China, England, Israel, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey.

My main goal for two years other than getting paid-internship position in US is build good relationship with each of students and getting high academic score say 3.5 GPA. I also want to bland myself as person who is good at networking, energetic, friendly, and confident.

But as I imagined, I find some challenge today. 12 Chinese classmates and 3 Taiwan classmate stay together all the time. I also guess American people have few intensive to get along with international students. So, I want to give influence on classmates with my friends to build class which has strong cohesion and build a cross national bridge. Anyways, it is exciting!