Talked with Career Advisers Team whole day and then we hold social party after class, drinking beers.

In the class, I asked a couple of questions. Before join the class, I imagined there are roughly two ways for branding ourselves. 1 Speak up frequently without caring the contents/quality so much. 2 Speak up only few with notable contents. In generally, most Japanese students take second option. But I have already decided to speak up as frequently as I can since we cannot contribute the discussion without speaking up in USA. After getting used to speak up in class, I can improve my contents gradually. So, I think I took good start for these two days!

After I offered social party, 16 of 26 international students join it and just enjoyed talking. I am sure that we can gradually change classmates attitude to open-minded as I can see 3 of 12 Chinese students joined. I am happy to be a part of the Class of 2014:)