A Happy New Year to everyone!

First term has gone quickly and intensively. Since I could not review daily life for the period, I want to review and think about Resolutions to year 2013.

  • Review of 2012
    When I come to Rady, I planed my short term 3months-goal as below. My review for each goal is…

    1. Learning US business environment and using English naturally as first language
      *40%; Development of English fluency is not as fast as I expected and have to think feasible way to improve it.
    2. Put value in each internship position
      *60%; at CONNECT, I build personal relationship with staff, developing annual report as output.
    3. Have open mind to absorb like an baby and positive attitude to contribute to discussion
    4. Getting practical service skill(tennis)
      *30%; Though I find good coach, I couldn’t improve tennis skill so much because I failed to secure time for lesson

      Other than above, in terms of academic, I planed to get above 3.2GPA for first year. On the other hand, I fortunately could get A score in all 4 courses for Fall Term with 3.9GPA. Though GPA itself has limited meanings to me, I am satisfied with the grade compared to my undergrad GPA 2.6 since one reason of MBA is surely learning new concepts. Especially I am happy to see I get A for my favorite leadership class where 40% of grade depends on evaluation from professor and other classmates since it would be one criteria of contribution to class.

  • Resolutions to year 2013
    Therefore, I hope to modify past goals, making new goal for 2013 as below. I particularly focus on 1,2, and 5.
  1. Develop “emphasy to others” and “conflict management”
  2. Getting paid-internship position in US without merit of skills as Japanese
  3. Forgetting Japanese language to acquire English thinking process
    *Use extension course, watch News/Drama everyday, read the Economist, build vocabulary via online, and expand network to domestic friends
  4. Getting high academic score(above 3.6GPA)
  5. Radically improving service skill(tennis)
    *Take regularly based lesson from Todd Nelson 1~2 times per month. Also challenge tryout again to UCSD Club Tennis.